No bytes at serial port before visa read. So, I contacted the company for Labview driver or programmers guide. Do the included examples work correctly? I can do the measure, and log the data into computer, using their software. Sample project was working fine, it was returnning resource data corrent.

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Choose from variety of sensor inputs, sensor excitation ranges, display features, and interfaces. Vielen Dank im Voraus. It is a basic diagnostic utility, streamlining troubleshooting and assisting with Lake Shore service requests.

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Samples Chart”, but then gives the error: I have to read the data from this device real timeinto labview. I get the following errors: Do the included examples work correctly? I just wanted to make sure my project is running on other pc or not However, I installed the newest drivers and. Any idea’s why I can’t see it?

Lakeshore serial com1 read Error Is there any missing step to import and use NI library? Secondly, it canbe connected and validated by an address like this: Are you the publisher? Which should indicate that they can be used together labvkew the settings are correct. Error framing when communication Labview with Pic. I am not really sure what this happen because Sample project from NI is working without any trouble.


GPIB issue with solartron and The included examples work also.

Did you attempt any of the steps that ended up working for the poster in the other thread? Ethernet Firmware Updates Ethernet firmware updates are available for the following: I am thankful for any help.

I’m using the newest version 8.

I’ve correctly installed the driver for the cable and the driver is up to date, also I can see the port in device manager as COM4 and I can see the cable in MAX.

Message 2 of 7. This page location is: I can do the measure, and log the data into computer, using their software. Contact us about this article. Firstly, it can be connected and controled properlly by normal computer.

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Get the Chart Recorder. I tried all of the steps from the other thread, but nothing helped Lake Shore Software Download software, firmware updates, and drivers. Now, go back to the program using this instrument, run it. I have a problem.


Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Data log records can be stored in memory or sent to the printer; stored data may be displayed, printed, or retrieved by computer interface. These short quarterly newsletters will keep you up to date on the latest about Lake Shore products, research topics, helpful tips, resources and more.

I just wanted to make sure my project is labvview on other pc or not.