Absolutely incredible, thanks HP and thanks devs! This script is supposed to get called by update-notifier when triggered by udev on a connection of a printer which needs the plugin. Cheers and thanks for the post. It looks like there is no printer location in the configuration to me but I’m no expert here. Removed, not needed any more in Qt4-only environment. Let hp-mkuri not simply generate a notification message when HP’s proprietary plugin is needed for the newly connected printer but also send a D-Bus message to update-notifier to execute the installation of the plugin.

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Adding sRGB profile to HP Cp1215 printer

Actually, I always liked HP, especially on the Mac, where you don’t have to install HP’s messed up software they couldn’t write a good program if their life depended on it but can use all the tools built into OSX. Superseded in lucid -updates on Feb 26, 9: Replaced old Qt3-based build dependency on “pyqt-tools” by the new Qt4-based “pyqt4-dev-tools”. This bug affects 1 person. Don’t use deprecated syntax LP: The option is now there to load it when it identifies the printer cl1215 realises it needs that plugin.


Change log for hplip package in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Name the replacement firefox module identically then, just open the base folder as Administrator and replace the original firefox. Bookmarks Cp12115 Digg del. The installer then proceeded to start compiling the driver which took about mins on this 1.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. When I buy a printer I look up the model number and make sure before I buy.

We are sorry to inform you that there is no Macintosh support available for your HP product. Now it conflicts for versions bigger than real foomatic-filters-ppds packages and not gp foomatic-filters-ppds with a small version number transitional packages.

Add “fdupes” to the build dependencies. The hp-mkuri utility did not take into account whether the proprietary plugin is already installed when returning its exit value.

This is straight forward and the application found the distro this machine was running Ubuntu hardy 8. Added alternative scanning frontends to the Recommends: Wow, you seem to know your stuff!

After geting the admin tool running, I plugged in the printer USB, the printer was cp1125 straight away, and didn’t bother to print a test page, I printed a much needed product labels and invoice straight away!!

Regenerated for new upstream version. I appreciate the attempt at helping but I’ll need someone more experienced in these matters. This script will only be installed when the package gets built on Ubuntu. You can use a browser and go to that website and download normally instead of wget.


Adding sRGB profile to HP Cp printer

Obsolete in gutsy -security on Do let me know if any other info about my setup would help. Sorry for not getting back. See Debian bug This is a preparation for the udev-based Plug’n’Print in system-config-printer.

Strange thing is, I built the machine here, set it up ubunyu all was working fine but don’t remember exactly how I got the printer up, but hopefully I can figure that out again.

Fedora 10+ and Ubuntu 9+ Printer Settings for HP Color LaserJet CP

Select all Page 1 Scheduler not running? To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. To post a comment you must log in. The utility is needed for the previous upload to work.