The webserver profile is read-only. While these figures are well under the Fusion-io quoted spec, one thing to realize is their figures were based off byte transfers, not 4K. To test the drive in situations where a partition was required to be in place, we formatted a single side of the SSD or striped section combining each SSD using Windows. Tintri releases TGC 4. Related News and Reviews In the Lab:

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They’re public, so there’s plenty of detail about their financials, sales iorive and the like, but a tour through their website yields precious little about the products they offer.

The ioDrive Duo performed extremely well in our delo enterprise-class mail server trace, coming in in both first and second place.

Archived from the original PDF on March 20, Archived from the original PDF on April 20, We put a GB Duo to work to see if lives up to the promises of speed, speed and more speed.

Fusion-io ioDrive Duo Review (640GB)

Real-World Benchmarks If you are new to StorageReview, one thing we try to focus on is how any given drive might perform under real-world conditions. Archived from the original PDF on May 9, Even with its stellar performance, we have issue with the ways particular features or specifications were conveyed ildrive this product.


All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September While these figures are well under the Fusion-io quoted spec, one thing to realize is their figures were based off byte transfers, not 4K.

A scalable multi-queue block layer for the Linux kernel was developed by Fusion-io engineers Axboe and Shaohua Li, and merged into the Linux kernel mainline in kernel version 3.

Nevada Secretary of State. This helps support the card in some mounting environments and gives it iodrife nice finished appearance. Retrieved October 15, This drive doesn’t disappoint in the speed category.

Drivers & Downloads

Retrieved October 14, Its very hard to find performance figures listed for this drive, consistent warranty information through resellers, and how power requirements macome into play with drive speed. SanDisk Corporation Western Digital.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fusion-io ioDrive Oidrive Specifications: This test is a carryover from our platter-based drives, although some SSDs still show differences in this iodeive. With the primary focus of the ioDrive Duo being speed, what better way than our first benchmark to let this dual-SSD stretch its legs? A fourth trace we are debuting with the Fusion-io ioDrive Duo review is an enterprise trace that covers a Microsoft Exchange mail-server environment.

Dell 24X4P Fusion tb MLC SSD ioDrive Duo PCIe Solid State Drive | eBay

This effectively doubled our test speeds, getting in iodeive quoted speed range listed by Fusion-io. To really see how drives perform under normal work-loads you need to record the exact traffic being passed to and from the device, and then use that to compare drives against one another.


Retrieved September 20, Fusion-io called their architecture ioMemory. List of solid-state drive manufacturers.

It also doesn’t make sense to assume that a drive with very high sequential speeds is going to perform great in the real-world if it can’t cope with mixed random activity. The company was founded in December as Canvas Technologies in Nevada.

Archived from the original on June 28, While far from being an optimal enterprise-class test, it was interesting to see how the Fusion-io ioDrive Duo performed using CrystalDiskMark. In the 4K read test, we were able to reach a high ofIOPS, versus 50, iodrjve the lower queue depth test. One interesting design element of the ioDrive Duo is the use of an external power source.

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The ioDrive Duo performed much better comparatively in our Productivity trace, coming in first when striped and third with only half the card working. In the expanded 4K write test, speeds spiked as high asIOPS on the top end, deell compared to the first test. US Securities and Exchange Commission.