I’ve taken the SSD out and put it back in but to no avail. Anonymous 20 February at Unknown 2 July at Anonymous 11 September at In order to keep free space abundant, I delete old and overstaked system restore point and use windows cleaner. If you can, take the cable, bend it straight and take another photo this time into the connector and post that in the same folder on Dropbox. I’ll report back when I’ve had a go.

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I hope my revised post helps you Pedro. So glad you got it sorted – and thanks for the kind comments in your July comment. Speed up your laptop with a solid-state cell You may know from elsewhere on my blog that I have a tiny Dell D laptop that I use for portability when I’m out and about and want more power than just a tablet alone.

Dell Latitude D Wwans | Dell Latitude D Laptop Parts

Worked flawlessly as explained i put the cable in backwards the first time too! Hello Martin Devies, I have performed all the steps but the disc is de,l visible in the bios.


Martin Davies 21 February at The mSata i’m using here vell a King Fast model: I fitted the cable as per the picture. The machine is much more responsive.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Martin Davies 26 April at Anonymous 4 July at Hi Martin, Don’t bother test the old drive, for sure you would get results similar than mine.

Dell Latitude D430 Wwans

Hi Thanks for your comment. I made the samebut didn’t get the speeds that i thought. I bought an extended battery that give my D 3.

Martin Davies 4 February at Del upgraded using the same msata zif card but with a different ssd. IoanKo 1 October at Got a couple of Ds and was trying to speed these up a bit after upgrading to windows I can see that my old hdd samsung Gb, from performed a bit better than yours to be more exact i got with that drive: That’s a shame, thank you for trying it and sharing the result.


Martin Davies 29 September at Did you try the adapter with an SD card fitted when you booted the laptop? Pedro Caldeira 25 April at Anonymous 7 January at Martin Davies 10 May at Pedro Caldeira 27 April at Automatically find compatible parts using your Dell service tag. I also ran the command lspci before and after and compared the results.

If you got the drivers for Windows XP working then you should be able to find out what the chipset of the wireless adapter is. Really fast and very pleased.

ZIF adaptor card returned to Amazon and another card ordered. What about the speeds you are getting? I’ll try to look at the photo and see if I can help from here.