The wrestler then drops down on his knees, driving the opponent down to the mat head first. Piledriver professional wrestling Professional wrestler Jake OReilly performs a piledriver on his opponent. Dark Storm is offline. Whether it’s true, I couldn’t tell you, and I certainly don’t have the knowledge of 80s Japanese wrestling to tell you what the move was called there. The wrestler then drops to a seated position, driving the head and upper back of the opponent into the ground.

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Last edited by Kapik; at As Austin had feared, Hart botched the move and dropped Austin on top of his head. Another way to tombtone the opponent into the position is to approach a standing opponent from behind, hook the opponent’s arms, bend forward under the opponent, and then rise up, raising the opponent upside down.

A variation of the Spike piledriver where instead of dropping to a sitting position as in the basic Texas piledriverthe wrestler drops to a kneeling position. Mike Bennett left improperly executing a piledriver on B. This variant can be used on other types of piledriver; including the cradle tombstone piledriver variation, instead of wrapping both of his arms around the waist of the opponent, the wrestler wraps one arm around the waist and places his other arm between the opponent’s legs, grabbing hold of his other arm.

He performs an ugly as crqdle tombstone at around 1: The proper way to execute the move, in most cases, is for the wrestler performing the move to tuck the opponent’s head between his legs before falling to the mat there are variations that are performed differently, as the list below indicates.


I can almost ‘see’ crradle tombstone-like shape at that moment, with Taker being the ‘Tombstone’ and the fallen opponent being the grave. I’m pretty sure the Undertaker uses the move because of its name and not vice versa.

If anyone has another version of this story, I’d be glad to hear it. What about the more common version? Last edited by NoGimmicksNeeded; at A wrestler first stands facing an opponent and places their stronger arm between the opponent’s legs and their weaker arm on the opponent’s opposite shoulder.

Piledriver (professional wrestling)

The cradle piledriver is a variation on standard piledrivers which sees the attacking wrestler grapevine the opponents leg with their arm. There is another video which discusses Bill’s disqualification in this match, as using any variant of the piledriver was banned in that contest.

Also known as Texasor traditional piledriver. I was thinking about the exact same thing yesterday and I was going to make a thread on it.

The wrestler then drops down to their knees, driving the opponent down to the mat neck and shoulder first. This move begins with the wrestler facing his yombstone.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The wrestler applies a front facelock to the opponent and hooks the opponent’s near arm over their shoulder and lifts them into a vertical suplex position.

It is also considered an automatic disqualification in professional wrestling matches held in Tennesseeas the move is banned in that state. The Piledriver is often seen as one of the most dangerous moves in wrestling.


The wrestler then jumps up and drops down to a seated position, driving the opponent’s head down to the mat piledtiver the wrestler’s thighs. Facing their opponent, the wrestler piledrivwr between his opponent’s legs with their right arm and reaches around the opponent’s neck from the same side with their left arm.

Jerry Lawler Eric Cohen, About. For other uses, see Cop Killer. The wrestler then falls or jumps to his knees, driving the opponent’s head into the mat. In a match between Owen Hart and Stone Cold Steve AustinHart was to perform a seated reverse piledriver on Austin, who later said that he fombstone not sure if the move was a good idea to perform as he was unsure if his head could properly be protected.

You know what’s weird?

Piledriver (professional wrestling)

So, the cradle variation is really old. The impact from the move gave Whitmer a neck injury. Try asking in the Other Wrestling crsdle, there are some posters there who may know what you’re asking.

Women of Wrestling Celebrities. Retrieved 16 March They then lift the opponent up and turn them around so that they are held upside down, as in a scoop slam.