Anonymous January 27, at 8: Andreas, Would it be possible to add the Marvell ? Dear sir, Would you please add this one? Its just the SSD thats not being recognised. Please, can you give me hint, where is problem. Andreas Peetz November 30, at 9: Hi, Can you please add the Marvell tu the supported controllers?

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Anonymous December 5, at 2: If you could also please test the latest upstream kernel available that would be great.

Andreas Peetz December 17, at 8: Thank you for all your hard work Andreas. It seems to me to be clearly an issue of the controller. This was so much help.

Oh, I forgot to say, the reconized ahci, is the onboard sata controller, with 1 connected disk. Grab it with a web browser via the URL https: Anonymous December 26, at 4: Eventually I discovered that ESXi was detecting the controller but not the drives connected to it.


I followed the instructions and installed sata-xahci.

Could you confirm that the following is true: Spunk March 18, at Andreas Peetz Aati 16, at 2: Please let us know your results. Comment on this change optional.

add the ATI SB700 SATA controller device id to AHCI pci table [Linux 2.6.22]

Andreas Peetz December 29, at 9: Anonymous November 16, at 9: Are you still accepting outputs? But OK, I have some doubt that Asrock can do here something because as far as I see, it’s not their fault but the problem is linked to Marvell. Hi Svetlin, sorry, Saga have no idea. Anonymous December 16, at 8: It doesn’t use the driver resp. I have recently installed esxi v5.

I disabled the remapping via the link above but it did not help. In my lab host use GE adapter.

Is it possible to add b: Xti December 6, at 2: Thanks so much for your work in getting this working and helping everyone with issues they are having. Could you please help me with that one Marvell I have swapped out all the cables bought specific SATA 3 cablestried 14 in total and could not get rid of the errors.


AMD SATA Controller Windows 10 Driver | Community

If you are unable ari test the mainline kernel, for example it will not boot, please add the tag: Hi Jay, you probably have already installed the package before!? Is it possible to add multiple customizations thru ESXi-Customizer, or do they need to be added one at a time and a new ISO rebuilt after each one, if more than one item needs to be added? OJ Yildirimer November 14, at 4: