What a world where BMC’s aren’t a security threat on nearly every system. Another difference to the consumer platform is fewer fan headers. I wonder how hard it would be to pull in the openbmc layer? During my stint as a researcher at university, the systems under our desks that we used for simulation and writing up reports were all oriented to stability and performance. The main socket area is right up against Intel specifications, and users of consumer LGA motherboards might be concerned regarding the power delivery setup with such a small heatsink.

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I would like to second asr2300 third the previous comments. Xst2300 the gaming benchmarks when using dual GPUs, the Sleeping Dogs benchmarks failed to complete, resetting the system after a couple of seconds of running.

Server motherboards, unlike consumer motherboards, are never bought for looks. GIGABYTE Server has told me in the past that their power delivery is designed for long operation, and because this is a server motherboard, this will be at stock frequencies for the CPU so there is no need to over-engineer the power delivery in case of overclocking.

This suggests that my motherboard at least had problems supplying power to the PCIe slots when two power hungry devices are present. Once the BMC has been compromised, the attacker has direct access to essentially every part of the server.

Fang cited two issues as the focus of current OpenBMC development. I wonder how hard it would be to pull in the openbmc layer? We have rewritten the ASpeed SoC kernel pretty much from scratch and cleaned up a bunch of the drivers, made it device-tree based etc Posted Apr 13, 1: The primary benefit from subscribing to LWN is helping to keep us publishing, but, beyond that, subscribers get immediate access to all site content and access to a number of extra site features.


The error was similar to that of a memory failure on the GPU, and this happened using several GPUs on this motherboard. That is ultimately what you are paying for at the end of the day.

OpenBMC, a distribution for baseboard management controllers []

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Posted Apr 26, 8: While it is intended as a convenience for those who must manage dozens or hundreds of servers in a remote facility, IPMI has been called out for its potential as a serious hole in server security. You barely contributed to the discussion. Please sign up today! But what of those times when you’ve gotta dust up and nuke from orbit.?


Posted Apr 14, I’m going to have to power that sucker down by physically unplugging the power cords and hope the BMC sst2300 back, and I can’t do that until I schedule a visit to the data centre. The Yocto build includes three layers. Posted Apr 14, 2: Whether that’s done in by an RT kernel or multi-user, pre-emptive multitasking kernel is something I wanted to leave open for someone else to say what and why they chose that option. As we have noted in our consumer product line memory scaling articles such as this one on Ivy Bridgemoving beyond MHz helps get out of a potential performance black hole.


These x16 slots are both SLI and Crossfire capable. Posted Apr 13, 0: At the top comes a machine-specific layer e.

Скачать Драйвер для ASUS P9D-X ASPEED AST2300 /­ AST1300 v.­0.­96 для Linux,­ Other

It was first deployed in aspred the Wedgea “top-of-rack network switch” design from OCP, although Fang noted that, from a design standpoint, the team looked at the switch as “just another server. What a world where BMC’s aren’t a security threat on nearly every system. He showed several example recipes which are available in the session slides [PDF]including a GPIO configuration, an lm-sensors configuration, and a libpal example.

Posted Apr 13, 6: On server parts we usually are limited in DRAM speed which decreases performance unable to set values or no direct XMP supportbut also consumer products tend to be more aggressive awt2300 CPU Turbo Boost responsiveness whereas server motherboards are more lax.

Log in Don’t have an account? Fang then outlined the process of porting OpenBMC to a new board. It should be noted that the PCIe 2. The results of the Xeons were published in a review of those Xeonsand the iX results will be the focus of this review for comparison against other socket products.